REMS/Special Rescue Main

Rapid Extraction Module Support/Wildland Fire EMS

Our REMS teams are composed of highly trained and experienced special rescue medics and EMTs with advanced training in low- and high-angle rope rescue, swift water rescue, helicopter rescue, and more. We can deploy fully equipped four-member REMS teams, two-member ALS teams, and/or single resource medics to incidents in the Western US.

Austere and Humanitarian/Disaster Support

Whether it’s local or international, HPC employees have gained decades of experience working in and around disaster zones and are using that experience to help shape the future of emergency disaster response. We believe that the need for such expertise and sharing of the knowledge gained will have nothing but positive benefits for the future. In particular, our efforts are focused on the extrication and rescue of those persons who are at particularly high risk including children, the disabled and those requiring specialized medical support to move long distance.

Special Projects

HPC has always recognized the need to keep innovating within the medical and rescue world. Development, testing, and implementation of technology, techniques, and procedures continues to be a core component of our ethos. To pursue these efforts, HPC formed its own Special Projects division in 2022. Working with industry experts and thought leaders, HPC looks to help shape the next generation of rescue technicians across a wide platform.

We are happy to partner with organizations, persons or entities from all realms of the technology and rescue world to develop the next big thing. Currently our team is helping tackle the growing humanitarian challenges in Eastern Europe and development of a REMS Technician task book for the wildland realm.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a partnership or research idea, please contact us at