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We train our teams all the time. Constant training makes us more effective, faster, more precise, and safer. Training makes us who we are. We do not rise to the occasion, we fall to our level of training.

Because of this culture, we offer courses not just for seasoned technicians but also for those just beginning their careers. The majority of our team are faculty members with collegiate prehospital medical programs, rope rescue organizations, the NAEMT, and/or the Wilderness Medical School of NOLS. Each year, our team attends numerous conferences, courses, and trainings which allow individuals to keep up their skills and pass on vital knowledge to others. When we aren’t the experts, we partner with those who are.

You can join us in many of our training opportunities or we can set up courses for your teams. Areas we cover include rope rescue, swift water rescue, REMS operations, Wildland Firefighter Type II, Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals, WFA/WFR, TECC/TCCC, PHTLS, ALS/PALS, and CPR.

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We are also happy to meet and discuss your specific education requirements and formulate a bespoke training program for you or your organization. Please send an email to with your goals and questions.

Medical Moulage

Medical moulage is the art of creating realistic and technically accurate makeup that replicates wounds and trauma for advanced EMS training scenarios. Our artists are all EMS professionals so we know what the real thing looks like and can bring the next level of realism to your team’s training. We can coach “patients” to exhibit the kinds of behaviors that add to the realism of their “injuries”.

Active since 2004, we have participated in training scenarios including wilderness medicine, drunk or distracted driving programs in high schools, active violent incidents, hospital mass casualty incidents, and community EMS.

Contact us at if you want to talk about how we can help bring a new level of realism to your next training event.